6 April 2021

Akenerji Reduces Carbon Emissions

ANKARA (AA) – Akenerji has achieved the prevention of a total of 570 thousand tons of carbon emissions through the trade of emission reduction certificates obtained thanks to renewable power plants.

In a written statement, the company stated that Akenerji has cooperated in the field of carbon reduction certification with companies from many different sectors, from the retail sector to the service sector, from industrial facilities to consulting companies in the last year.

Companies that purchase emission reduction certificates obtained from renewable power plants prevent the emission of 570 thousand tons of carbon dioxide in total. This number is considered equivalent to the fresh air provided approximately by 550 thousand trees per year.

Companies that want to reduce or neutralize greenhouse gas emissions caused by their activities can erase their carbon footprints by getting a carbon certificate equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions they produce.

In all of its energy power plants where certification practices are carried out, Akenerji has VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), Gold Standard, and Social Carbon certificates which are all world-renowned carbon emission reduction certificates.

In the statement, Serhan Gençer, General Manager of Akenerji, has underlined that Akenerji gives priority to environmental and sustainability issues. He said: “In the process of transitioning to a low carbon economy, while we continue producing energy from renewable resources and make new investments in the area, we also help companies that want to reduce and neutralize their carbon emission with the emission reduction certificates that we have put up for sale.”.